October 23, 2009


Our friend John, who lives down the road, has been ailing, and we have been taking care of his horse and dog for awhile. John is concerned that the horse is not getting enough exercise and asked Dan to bring him up to our place and ride him on a regular basis.

So, after putting the finishing touches on the last stall in our barn and making it "horse proof", Dan went down after lunch today and rode Cheerio up. We took him and Buggs on a ride and put him in his guest stall for dinner.

Cheerio and our horses are quite familiar with each other as we have been riding with John for years. Buggs and Cheerio are ho-hum about each other, Cody will be his usual pest, but it will be interesting watching Cheerio have his conversation with Bueno when everybody goes out into the arena tomorrow. Cheerio is bigger than any of our horses, and a very no-nonsense and quiet guy. I have seen all the horses on one of our big rides spook, and have Cheerio just stand. He is unflappable. A bit lazy too ...

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