October 3, 2013

Grasshopper time

Every season has its insects here. Right now it is grasshopper and praying mantis time. I wonder how many different varieties of hoppers we have, they come in all sizes and colors and all seem to really enjoy hanging out in the garden. Thankfully the new juicy plants are well protected, but the tomatoes and basil are taking a hit.

The largest grasshopper is the horse lubber (don't ask me about that name as I do not have a clue), and I have seen them in a 10 cm size. The males are the only ones that fly and display a red wing flash.

This guy (unknown variety) was on his way somewhere on the dining room window, and finally did lose his grip.

The praying mantis are a favorite insect of mine. I saved one from the grazing mouth of Buggsy and it turned its head to me as if to say "well, thanks!"