October 21, 2009

Final fall planting

The weather is back to its usual gorgeous self today: sunny and temps in the 70's. It was a perfect day to put the broccoli and brussels sprouts seedlings in the ground. I have been concerned about their wimpy-ness in their little pots in the cold frame and hope that they will grow into strong and productive plants once in the ground.

Quail are still using the garden as their (dust) bathing house, because it is the only spot where they can find moist soil most of the time. Once there, they do not hesitate to partake of whatever vegetable that is accessible through the chickenwire box. So, the garden looks much like it did in spring: box city, but the boxes allow us some harvest of our leafy greens.

Yet, the endive, kale, chard, Chinese cabbage and lettuce are all up and doing well, as is the garlic and the shallots. Even the zucchini that I seeded in August is bearing now, so we still have summer squash. The peppers are not quitting yet, and were probably the most successful crop this year.

All that's left now is to cover the box over the lettuce with plastic before frost is predicted. Perhaps we will have homegrown lettuce all year this way.

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