February 27, 2015


Years ago I planted two honeysuckle vines against the trellis hiding our propane tank, and a volunteer butterfly bush joined them. When the plants bloom I take in deep breaths on my way to the coop or to shop/shed as I love their fragrance.

They were getting well overgrown though and this was the year to sacrifice the blooms to give them a new lease on life. Several pickup truck loads later the plants look much different but I saw that it only took two days for new growth to pop out of old vines.

Meanwhile we are enjoying Spring-like weather whereas "Back East" is still snowed in. Here is the picture of my favorite tree on our property: the apricot. It has gorgeous blooms, has a sweet fragrance and lovely bark and produces delicious fruit. Hopefully there will be no more serious freezes so we will be able to enjoy the hard work the bees are doing right now.

February 8, 2015

February 8!

Daytime temperatures in the 70's for more than a week makes everybody giddy with thoughts of Spring. Two of the apple trees are in bloom already, and buds are swelling on the early peach. Even the basket with nesting material, aka dog hair, is being used.

Not sure what to make of all that, but like true farmers we go with Mom.

February 4, 2015

Small projects

After 2.7 inches of rain over the weekend, we are back to glorious sunshine and 70+ degrees. It was time to get outside and "do stuff". I much enjoy my morning routine of working outside, then having lunch while watching a Great Courses lecture and freewheeling the afternoon before doing some cooking and/or baking for dinner.

There are a couple of apple trees showing color and it won't be long before the bees will be out pollinating. We have a lot of native bees and although I am sure there are plenty of little holes for them to lay their eggs in, I asked Dan to make a little holder for mason bee tubes to just make life a bit easier for them. The bees emerge when the fruit trees bloom, each doing the work of 160 honey bees for 6 weeks or so, then they lay eggs and die. Mom is amazing.

Meanwhile I spent the morning revitalizing the herb garden. It being right outside the garage side door, Emma and The Sisters used it during the rainy days as a launching pad for chasing a pack of coyotes and it was well churned up. The soil still being moist it was easier to dig up some old plants and make room for some new ones.

Aren't they just little angels?

Dan's afternoon project, one he has much looked forward to: building his new computer.