October 20, 2009

I love clouds

The day was off to an interesting start. I had just let the hens out of the coop when they all gathered around me and threw eyeballs at something at my feet. It was the smallest and most beautiful Diamondback I had ever seen. But the poor thing was about to be dispatched by hen beaks and the snake tongs were in the garage ... He conveniently crawled into an exit-less hole, just big enough for a little snake. I could then put the grain scoop on top of him, weighted down by a rock, while I went and got my tools.

I always regret it when I don't take a picture and today is no exception. Dang! When Dan let him out of the box out in the country he did his best to rattle, but he only had one little button. Born this year, probably.

Meanwhile, we have been having some odd weather. At the end of last week it looked like the monsoons were about to return and we all had a sleepless night on Sunday when thunderstorms repeatedly shook the foundation of the house. Nice not to have to go to work the next day. There came a nice bit of rain (0.35") with the storms, and that is always appreciated.

Today started off uncharacteristically cloudy, and we had a beautiful ride in cooler and breezy conditions. I love watching the clouds roll across the landscape: that is when you can see that we are Big Sky Country as well (and not just Montana). Right now we have more squalls passing through: lots of wind, some rain, and more thunder and lightening. I am glad we took advantage of the best part of the day.

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