February 17, 2012


January flew by. Sunny, bright, and with longer daylight in the evening. No extreme temperatures, at least not on the low end, but enough days in the 60's to make two of the apple trees and one peach put out leaves and/or blossoms.

We were busy with the irrigation project, now operational, and cycling 100 miles a week made time go by very quickly. Thanks to Coach Anne we are getting stronger on the bike and have begun to consider ourselves "cyclists".

There was only a 50% chance of rain last night, but we got almost half an inch. Water at the WD, but snow just a few hundred feet up, halfway up Blacktail. Now it's Oregon outside: cold and wet, but so good for all the plants.

Inside is all cozy, and my pride-and-joy orchid put on its display for the 3rd year in a row.