October 29, 2009

Another hill climbed

It is back to beautiful weather today, although it is still cold, barely 50 degrees. We decided to take a little hike anyway, and walked out the back gate and up the horse trail into the National Forest. Our destination was a small hill nearby, lower than Blacktail Hill and behind it.

We climbed to the top in no time and to our surprise found a mine shaft. There are a lot of mines in our area (once known for gold), but there is usually not a trace of whatever had been mined there (with the exception of the copper mine). Same here: just a big hole that I could not convince Dan to further investigate. Might be rattlesnakes overwintering in there, or a mountain lion...

The view from the top was, as always, beautiful. We took a different side for our descent and noticed that the entire hill was made of pudding rock, which is a sedimentary rock made of all kinds of other rocks (a conglomerate). There is a lot of volcanic rock in the area too, and that would mean lot of minerals such as gold and diamonds.

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