October 4, 2009

Hiking the Stronghold

The weather has been mimicking my mood perfectly the last couple of days. It rained yesterday and it was cloudy; this morning we woke up to heavy fog. I had energy to burn and it was cool so we decided to hike the Stronghold. Last time we were there was with Shannon in March. It is a shame we don't do this hike more often as it is so close to home, and it is beautiful as well as a nice workout.

We walked the 3 miles to the top in one hour and 10 minutes, which is not bad as most of it is uphill. It was one hour going down.

My closest family now, with Shawna of course. She happily stays home.


DJ said...

What a great picture of my handsome brother and beautiful Emma. The only thing that would have made it any better is if my very photogenic sister-in-law (with the initials AM) would have been in the picture as well. Momma and I were just talking about that beautiful picture of you and Emma when we went to Lake whatever (I'm only good with Hindi names these days):)
Love, Denise

Shannon said...

The stronghold is so beautiful! I miss it and I miss you guys! *hugs*