October 16, 2009

On the loose

It is gorgeous weather, and warm for a typical fall day. We had a great ride this morning, and the best run yet that I have had with Buggsy. I am starting to like speed! We came upon some hunters, in their truck, but it got Buggs all worried. I think he remembers his time in the Chiricahuas, 4 years ago. Lost for days, dragging a slicker and with a saddle on his belly and hunters shooting their guns all around. He had but one objective after the encounter: home, to my safe stall.

Once home, we got a phonecall from a neighbor that there was a horse on the loose. Dan immediately set off in the truck and I just happened to spot the horse from the house. The beautiful young paint was quickly caught, and Dan walked him home. We then heard all the "horror" stories about this young horse. Fact is, he is young and displays teenage behaviors but he was easily haltered and led. People that know nothing about horses should not own them, or at least get educated about them.

Buddy, as he is called, spent some hours in our roundpen, striking up a conversation with our boys until his owner came to walk him back home. Buddy appeared to be walking along fine initially, but at last glance Dan saw him streaking across the country. So, he is off again in the truck...

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