May 23, 2013

Alaska via The Inside Passage

We went on vacation at the beginning of this month. Another Lindblad/National Geographic cruise. We had already been to Alaska with them, and loved it, and we went "among the whales" in 2011. Both vacations were fabulous. The ships we travelled on were small, it included Zodiac, kayaking and hiking expeditions, there were a number of naturalists and experts on board to enhance the experience, and the food was outstanding. What is not to love?

This was a somewhat special trip, a repositioning cruise to take the boat from Seattle where it had been refurbished after spending the winter in Baja, California, to Sitka, Alaska, where it will do Southeast Alaska cruises all summer. It was also a photo expedition, with a National Geographic photographer on board as well as several accredited photo experts. We could not pass this up.

It was an incredible vacation. I was prepared to spend 12 days on the bow of the Sea Bird (where I seem to spend 8 plus hours a day) in pouring rain, but we had 11 days of sun! The scenery, unbelievable! This in addition to meeting some new friends, and fabulous food. I will stop gushing and show some highlights of the 1700 photos we (mostly Dan) took.

Orcas in Georgia Strait, British Columbia

Attended a dance performance by people from the Nimpkish band of the Kwakwaka'wakw in the village of Alert Bay. This event was especially arranged for us and we felt privileged to be invited.

Traveling toward Alaska

The Sea Bird in Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska

In front of the Dawes glacier in Endicott Arm

How many visitors to Alaska have seen Mount Fairweather?

And a personal thrill, seeing a wolf at close range and at ease, in Endicott Arm. This photo was not taken by Dan, who first saw the wolf, but by our friend Pat Murphy from Florida.

We are planning the next Lindblad/National Geographic vacation.