October 11, 2009

Close encounter

It is gorgeous fall weather again today and we have so far (week 2) stuck to our resolution to hike up to the Stronghold Divide on Sunday morning. My parents had the routine of going for a long walk on Sunday morning, at some small town parks while I still lived in the Netherlands and on country hikes after they retired and moved to the country. Now I am continuing the tradition.

The hike was beautiful but uneventful, until Emma spooked out a deer who jumped across the path about 5 feet away from me. I heard him coming but thought it was Em until I saw horns and then a tail. Dan had a camera at the ready but the buck was too fast. I have never been so close to a live wild deer.

Dan took the pictures this time and I asked him to take a picture of me and Emma. My mother-in-law has been asking for one. We also saw this perfect little cactus that I had to water just a little bit. It has been so dry here.

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DJ said...

And your sister-in-law is very happy that you are in front of the camera as well! It looks like the weather is just perfect these days.