October 18, 2012

Room remodel

The last couple of days we have been working on upgrading Buggsy's stall. He was our only horse still eating off a dirt floor, and, over the five years he has been with us, dug big holes where he stood to eat. In the monsoon season these holes would fill with water, totally unacceptable to an Arabian, born in the Arizona desert. Your hooves could melt, you know.

We built a big platform, bordered by railroad ties, that we filled with gravel, then sand, and 6 stall mats were put on top. With all the cycling, we had not done much upper body work over the last months, but we made up for that in a hurry. So, some sore muscles, but the stall looks great and will be very functional.

Would Buggs love it too? He is a cautious horse, who loves his room, so I wondered if he would mind stepping up into the dining room. No worries, it turned out. He sniffed a bit (the mats still have that rubber smell), but he was up in a jiffy. Happy horse!