November 25, 2013

Special place, special morning

We had quite a bit of rain this past weekend, one inch according to the garden rain gauge, and suddenly it appears to be winter. After the rain the skies cleared (this is the desert after all, and not the PNW), and temperatures dropped to just below freezing last night. This spelled the end of the summer garden as the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and basil look a bit bedraggled today, but the winter garden fared well, thankfully, even without frost protection.

All this moisture and then clearing meant that this morning a huge fog bank rolled in during our morning walk, and for a brief while we were alone in the world. Certainly not a day to be cycling so we decided to hike our nearby, and always beautiful, Cochise Stronghold instead.

Surprisingly no fog there, just sunshine with cloud banks rolling in on occasion. When we got to our favorite lookout, the valley was blanketed in fog all the way to the Chiricahua Mountains. Skies cleared this afternoon and the temperatures are forecasted to be on the rise again tomorrow.