June 18, 2015

It's June

It is hot. It is dry. It is breezy. It is not my favorite time of year.

But I am not complaining. Honest. Here it is only a couple of weeks a year that it is not fun to be outside; I have lived in a place where it was the other way around. So we are up early, hike, bike, garden, do chores and are inside by 9 am.

Native animals don't care. Here is a family, though there was not a parent in sight, of teenage gambel quail doing their ablutions after breakfast. Right now there are many quail families, gamble as well as scaled quail, and lots of young cotton tails and jack rabbits.

Every month brings its own insects. I saw this walking stick on the patio door and in the garden are several varieties of bees and butterflies sipping from the flowers and drip irrigation.