October 16, 2016

A mystery

What happened here? How did this mouse baby get perched on top of the ceramic roadrunner?

The roadrunner was put in a very large pot on our front porch as the flowers that were planted there initially were washed out. The roof line of our house is such that all rainwater accumulates over the front door and pours into the pot. It is the only flaw the house has.

My only guess is that this little mouse fell out of a nest that maybe on the roof. He fell onto soft dirt and must have climbed onto the roadrunner head. It is not looking good for survival but I moved him to a safer and less-exposed place in the nearby, well-protected, rose garden.

September 7, 2016

The sky is falling ...

TS Newton has moved from Mexico into southern Arizona and with it a lovely steady soaking rain and no wind. What is not to love for a desert dweller?

Emma totally disagrees with rain being a good thing. On our morning walk, when it was still a drip rather than rain, she gave me this: what ?! a walk? but it is r-a-i-n-i-n-g, with a shake of the body and paws at the face. I told her that when we lived in Oregon the dogs had their own stack of towels and they were dried off four times a day.

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with all doors and windows open and watched the hummingbirds at the feeders. It is not yet slowing them down. A relaxed indoor day for us.

August 30, 2016


It has been six years since I heartlessly, foolishly, and disastrously lopped off the newly arrived pear trees at the knees. And it has taken this long, and some professional coaxing from my friend Phil, to get the trees to recover and produce pears, but this year we have a crop!

We are all eating them: we, the people, Emma, the dog, Cody and Bueno, the horses, and I am sure that the cores of the pears I am eating while outside get snarfed down by the bunnies and the chickens. Nothing of that juicy deliciousness is getting wasted.