July 24, 2017

Serious rain

The monsoons arrived here on July 12. It is wonderful to have rain and clouds after such dry and hot conditions for six weeks or so. Temperatures are in the 80's now, rather than 90's or 100's. We have been having regular showers of 0.5" and the plants have reacted immediately by putting on new growth, especially the tomatoes.

Today we went to pick up my sister-in-law Denise, who will take care of the WD while Dan and I will be in Tucson for a couple of days. While we were gone almost two inches of rain fell here in an hour. We could hear water rushing when we got home so we went to check on the pond ...

We have never seen this much water in it and are glad the low bank is way away from the house. All that white stuff in the water is ash from the forest fire which we had in June.