October 26, 2009

Improved guest digs

It may be nice weather now, as a matter of fact it is gorgeous, but everybody is all atwitter about the cold front that is forecast to be sweeping through mid week. They are predicting 25 degrees and snow showers! This has spurred Dan on to make Cheerio's guest stall a bit more comfortable. Winds here can be fierce, and the new stall is rather exposed from our prevailing wind direction. So, boards were bought and painted this weekend, Dan is installing them as I write, and tonight Cheerio will be eating and sleeping protected from wind and rain. Or snow.

Barbara brought by this gigantic and beautiful head of cauliflower that was grown by her friend Leo, who lives down the road from us. We shared in the spoils and will be having it for dinner tonight. I must talk to Leo to get his secret to not letting winterveggies bolt here in the AZ summer.

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