October 14, 2009

Looking down on Blacktail

We took a "Danny hike" today. This means doing some exploring in "our backyard", aka The Coronado National Forest. Dan has been doing these types of hikes with Emma when I am otherwise engaged, such as shopping in Tucson or working in the yard/garden. I opted to go along today.

Dan's objective was to try and find an airplane wreck on Mt Glenn that has been there since the 70's. When we first came here you could see some of the fuselage in certain light conditions, but we had not seen it for a long time.

Hiking here generally means going steeply uphill, and today was no exception. We followed an old mining road for awhile and then just decided to climb to the top of the ridge to see where we were. This means going up a 45 degree slope with little to hold on to (I must remember to bring gloves on these hikes). I am generally not hot on this type of climbing as my balance is nothing to write home about and once you get to slide, it's a long way down with only prickly pear and spiny agaves breaking your fall.

Once we got to the top of the ridge, lo and behold, we were higher than Blacktail Hill, which we consider to be a good climb! We had a short break, on a 45 degree slope but thankfully there are plenty of good-sized rocks to sit on, and enjoyed some water and the fabulous view of the valley.

Still, no sign of the airplane. We'll try again next week.

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