October 25, 2009

Nothing quite as pretty ...

... as a cactus in bloom. Perhaps it is because you do not expect something as formidable-looking as a cactus to produce something so beautiful and ephemeral. This one is in a pot on our patio. But why is it blooming now? There are hardly any insects to pollinate it. But it did brighten my day.

We stayed true to our new-found routine and hiked up the Stronghold Divide again. In record time too: 1 hour and 2 minutes! Driving to the campground we came upon some deer and caught this young buck (you could just distinguish his horn buds) in the lens. I am happy to say that the area where this little herd hangs out is off limits to hunters.

Here it is almost November, and we are still hiking in shorts and short sleeves. Another beautiful day today.

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