September 28, 2010

Tuesday walk

As we drove to the Stronghold this morning to go on our weekly conditioning hike, it was evident that last week's weather system dumped a good deal of water there too. Water was running across the road, and deer were calmly grazing in the lush grass.

As many times as we have done this climb, there are always different things to see and detract us from our panting and sweating. Different flowers, different insects. Did this worm come from the oak galls?

Running water also meant that Halfmoon Tank was full again, much to Emma's delight, who plunges in without hesitation these days. And with all that fresh water added, she came out smelling sweeter than in previous weeks.

On our way home we saw another couple of does along the road, with 2 fawns who still had spots. Unfortunately they all bounded off before we could get a good picture. I am finding that unless I sharpen my skills, the blog will be featuring more Daniel photography than mine. I am no match for a DSLR and Photoshop.

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webb said...

Halfmoon Tank is gorgeous. Now, will you please send some of the water this direction?