September 17, 2010

A treat

We don't have a compost pile because we have chickens. Very little goes to waste here: what we don't eat goes to the dogs, and the chickens are the last stop. We eat pretty well here, with just about everything homemade, like bread, yogurt, desserts, and then there is the stuff from the garden. That's one plus (or not, depending on your inclination for cooking) of living at least 30 miles from some kind of grocery store.

Today, among spinach stems, old bread, cantaloupe rinds, peach skins, there was some old sour cream. The dogs would have fallen into that (although a Lab falls into anything, edible or not), but they don't need fattening up so I gave the leftovers in the container to the hens.

It was a hit, and a lot of hens had a go at it. Beautiful Goldie, the Auracana, first, and then some of the Barred Rocks. "What have you got there on your head, honey, it looks like a doily".

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