September 12, 2010

Back in action

It was a momentous day: After years of staying home and watching us leave to go for a hike, Shawna went with us. Since her hip replacement in the middle of June, we have been working on rehab at a slow but steady pace since the beginning of August. For several weeks now Shawna has rejoined us on our daily 2 mile walk at sunrise, just as before the hip replacement. But then that was it for her, and any subsequent hikes were just too much on her hip and she would start to limp or be in obvious discomfort. Dr Boulay cautioned us to increase exercise slowly but steadily, and I thought that a hike around Blacktail Hill would be a doable challenge. It was a bit overcast today, which was an added nicety.

It turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought, for us at least. It is always a bit of bushwacking and climbing out of steep washes, but whatever trail there was was totally overgrown. So we trudged over rocks and through bushes, with grass that has grown almost waist-high. But we made it, saw 2 deer, and in all Shawna did not appear stressed or tuckered. She was a bit stiff after lunch, but then we all were.

All photography by Dan, who took the old Powershot because the Nikon is being cleaned in Tucson. 


DJ said...

Queen Shawna looks quite pleased with herself in the first photograph. Well done!

webb said...

So glad she was up to the hike. Am in awe of a doggy hip replacement!