September 2, 2010

Is this seat taken?

Like everything else this year, the hummingbird migration is late. In previous years we see the Rufous hummingbird here at the end of July, and in August I usually go through 10 lbs of sugar a week for our three feeders. This year the migration started last week, and no Rufios in sight. Right now it is mainly females (difficult to identify) and some young Black-chinned males. Being on the patio is dangerous as even we are seen as "feeder competitors". Stand back, please!


Shannon said...

I wonder what made the migration this year, and why some of your usual visitors are absent. Have you seen/read anything about it, or is there just a lot of natural variation in hummingbird migration habits?

Anneke said...

Good question. But I think it is nature; the same reason why one year the peppers do well in the garden, and other years it's cantaloupes or whatever. Because of our wet year there are many plants still in bloom that otherwise might not be, so perhaps there was not the pressure of available food source?

webb said...

Anneka, they are wonderful! We have seen only a handful of Ruby Throated birds this year - well, that's also the only kind we get! - but usually we have lots all summer long. Am so jealous that you have to bother to decide what kind you have. Great photo, tho!