September 23, 2010

TD Georgette

We drove to Las Cruces, NM, yesterday to visit with our friends Phil and Marsha, and to indulge in some good Mexican food at La Posta. The weather forecast said we would have 70% chance of precipitation, but we were not holding our breath as showers here are very localized. But this was not monsoon related: it was Tropical Depression Georgette.

We drove through squalls most of the way on I-10, but the day was very pleasant with cloudy skies, and plenty of sun and warmth. On our way home however, we ran into major rain storms from the AZ border all the way to the WD. The sun was just setting, the rain was letting up, but we had animals to feed so no time was taken to photograph a beautiful sunset. Another 0.7 inches was added to our rain total.

This morning was different, time-wise, and both Dan and I went out with our respective cameras. I took my best shot on the walk, Dan took his from the backyard. Clouds are so dramatic, and my photo reminds me of Jacob van Ruysdael, a Dutch painter who was best at rendering cloudy skies. I took the picture of the turkey vulture warming its wings on my way to Apple Annie's to pick more peaches. It's almost October!

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Emily said...

I have become infatuated with clouds this year. I am not sure if I never noticed before or if the clouds and sunset/rises have just become more amazing. I love that top one you took!