September 21, 2010

Fall already

I think I am getting lax on posting. It's not that we are not busy, or not enjoying ourselves; perhaps it is because I feel that I am repeating too much. There is always something to do in the morning around the WD, and if there isn't, we're riding or hiking, or making the odd trip to Tucson. Nothing exciting is happening, but just to keep track of time, here's a post.

The garden is in its late summer stage, and the winter greens are doing great. The grapes are recovering after having been denuded by the grapeleaf skeletonizers, and we are Eating Peppers. Italians have a word for this philosophy of eating large amounts of whatever is in season: scorpacciata (thanks to Mario Batali). So it's chicken and sweet pepper salad, stuffed orange peppers, chicken fajitas, spetzofai, and so on. I love that way of eating until you have had your fill and your ingredient runs out, and it's on to the next ingredient. Much preferable to trying to preserve food.

It's still in the high 80's during the day, but some birds have already left us (not the hummers), and we are seeing a lot of grasshoppers and butterflies. The antelope ground squirrels had another litter (must be that good living under the bird feeder), and I still saw some toddler-aged Gambel quail yesterday. It's been a good year for plants and animals.

This morning we went on a hike, and with Dan spending more time on photography, I am trying to sharpen my seeing skills with the Powershot.

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