September 27, 2010

John Stevens

One of our friends passed away today. He had been ill for a long time, but his spirit always remained positive.  But a few months ago it got too hard to do what he loved: riding his horse, Cheerio, in this lovely country. John was a cowboy at heart though he grew up on the water in Upstate New York and moved here in retirement. He loved the history of this place, and delighted in playing cowboy.

John showed us the horse trails around here, and went with us on many rides. He would deliver cookies at Christmas in his red union suit and cowboy hat, with Cheerio all decked out in bells and ribbons.

John and Lucy were some of the first people to move into this neighborhood, and it was John who welcomed everyone. He would ride up on his horse, introduce himself and offer any help. John and Lucy would throw parties with the whole neighborhood invited, and would enjoy talking with everybody. We will all miss him.

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webb said...

It's so hard to lose a friend. It's so unexpected. Glad you have good memories to keep him close to you.