July 4, 2010

Strawbale - Day 4

Eric and Satti's little house is roofed! Well, the sheathing is on, and if it should rain (not in the forecast), at least they are weathered in. Next weekend we will help put the metal roof on, and then it's up to them to finish the place.

Our neighbor Jim came to help out today, bringing tools and additional muscle. Having a couple of nail guns made the job go very fast and we were finished by noon. This leaves Eric and Satti all afternoon to finesse and putter. It was amazing how cool the inside of the house was as soon as the OSB was on the trusses. Imagine how great it will be when the place is insulated!

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webb said...

I went and looked at the old posts - very interesting. The house is lovely inside and out. I love the idea, but am not sure it would sell in central Virginia! What a great way to help friends, tho.

Hope you had a great weekend.