July 8, 2010

Second batch

The Say's Phoebe's new eggs hatched today, and we can see at least two little heads. The nest is in the "garbage hole", where we store the garbage cans. It is apartment living there: the thorny mesquite branches above the little birds' heads is nesting material of the Curved-bill Thrasher, whose nest is above this one and who has also had two broods. I think the Phoebe pair is not very impressed with their somewhat rough neighbors, but are apparently not stressed enough to abandon the nest.

We are waiting for rain. The dew point is still too low for the monsoons to start, but a system will be coming through over the next couple of days. It smells like rain: there is nothing sweeter in the desert.


webb said...

New birds are so ugly only their mommas could possibly think they are cute, but they soon will be. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

Love reading your blog and look forward to every update. Can you tell me what make your endurance saddle is and are you still happy with it? I will be visiting GCR at the end of October and am so looking forward to the Arizona climate and pace of life. Say hi to Dan for me.

Anneke said...

My endurance saddle is a Specialized, and it's made in TX. I am still happy with it, and Dan has one on order.

Some changes at GCR, but that is inevitable, and the climate and scenery remain lovely. I am sure you'll have a good time.