July 2, 2010

Buggs' bunnies

This is the next installment in the cottontail saga. Last night before we went to bed, we checked on Junior in the barn, and although he had not moved much, his nose was twitching and all seemed well. This morning the little rascal is gone! When we installed him in the pet taxi, I had wondered whether he would be able to squeeze through the front door grating because bunnies can make themselves really small if need be. Anyway, he must have felt good enough to leave. But where did Junior go?

Dan stepped, carefully this time, into Buggsy's stall to put his fly mask on and give him his oats and vitamins, and what did he find? A bunny pile, all the same age as Junior! We did not want to disturb the pile to see whether Junior went home, but we hope/suspect he has.

I noticed before that Buggsy sometimes has a bunny companion in his stall; they eat hay side by side. And Dan had noticed a hole in which a small head and tiny ears appeared last week, but the next day the hole was filled in so he did not think any more about it. Thankfully Buggsy is a true horse gentleman, who never threatens anyone and is in general a quiet horse. He walked about the stall very carefully this morning.

When we came to clean the bunnies had all moved, and the hole was wide open. I am sure there is another entrance, so we decided to leave all as we found it.


DJ said...

I do recognize Junior in that bunny pile!

I hope you what the Netherlands beat Brazil. I was very happy, and I've won a bet from my friend. I get a treat the next time we go out! I'm thinking one of those gooey pieces of chocolate fondant.

Anneke said...

Guess I am bleeding some orange after all :-). I think the Germans are going to take all though.