July 23, 2010

Linda, the Rain Goddess

I picked Linda up at Tucson Airport on Wednesday, and the weather gave every indication of a repeat performance of last year. Back then, clouds formed overhead around lunchtime, by 1 pm it was raining pretty good. I was supposed to be at the airport around 4, so I dawdled and vacillated: go now, wait it out... I decided to leave at the worst possible time, when the raining had subsided but the flow was highest. I made it halfway down the road and had to turn back at the first wash. Flooded. I backed the car all the way home and talked Dan into taking me to the airport in the truck.

This year I was a little more on the ball, and the rain was not as heavy. So it rained, in honor of my very good and longtime Oregonian friend. When I came to the paved road however, there was a flood. The mailboxes were waist deep in water, and the other side of our road was wall-to-wall water: a real river. But, no problems getting to the airport.

When we got home we found out where all that water came from. There had been more storms in the Cochise Stronghold; the creek at Cindy's house was overflowing again and this time just about took out her bridge, ran through the horse barn and pushed down paddock fences. This is why they warn people about flash flooding: it may not rain a lot where you are, but beware the creeks.

It has been a bit cloudy since Linda's arrival, but it's still warm, which is what she cares about most. This morning we admired the Chihuahuan rain sage (Leucophyllum laevigatum) which has burst out in bloom after the rain. The bush was about to be carried off by the honeybees, and smelled heavenly.

We are about to go off on vacation for a week or so, and Linda is here to ranch-sit and take care of all the animals. Hopefully the weather will be sunny, with rains in the afternoon.

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webb said...

What a gorgeous sage. Have a great trip.