July 20, 2010

Now we're talking

We got more rain last night, about 0.75 inches to be exact, and it came with a lot of wind. The patio furniture went flying as usual, and the garden sustained some damage (the bean "trellis" blew over and the sunflowers got their heads snapped off), but other than that we came off pretty easy.

It always amazes me how much water can get running here in such a matter of minutes. The "moat" around our buildings does great work because, being on the bajada, there is a lot of water coming down off the mountains. It was a creek instantly, complete with waterfalls. The pond has water in it, and the spadefoot toads are croaking to beat the band. Orgies galore, and if the pond holds water long enough for the toad eggs to hatch we will see hundreds of toadlets again in a few weeks.

One not so lucky was Cindy. The culvert under her driveway bridge got plugged with lots of woody debris. The water must have come over the top and then undercut the driveway by about 2 feet. It also took down the fence between her property and Marc's and Buddy was loose, having a gay time galloping with her horses. But, the sun is out again, and Buddy is back in his paddock, thanks to Dan.

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webb said...

Standing water? How nice! Enjoy all its benefits while you can.