July 18, 2010


We finally had some measurable rain! Areas around us had already received more than 1 inch recently, and it was frustrating to see puddles on the road just a couple of miles away while we were still dry. The storm came at sundown, and being on the bajada, I could see it heading our way. Hopefully, it would not stall but dump some water on us too....

I had just taken off the horses' fly masks when a good gust of wind and a thunderclap announced its proximity, so I quickly put the hens in the coop too. Temperature dropped from 90's to 70's, and you could hear the rain approaching.

Now the air smells wonderful, and we hope for more.

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webb said...

I'll add you to my raindance list! You're much drier - but you're in the desert! - than we are, but it's awful here, too. good luck. Hope you get some tonight.