July 1, 2010

House building

Three blogs in one day! A personal record. Just a busy day, I guess.

Last year in June, Dan and I helped our friends (also our neighbors), Dave and Barbara, build their straw bale house. To us it is fun to help out as many hands make light work, and it is very satisfying seeing a house go up in such a short time. Granted, there is a lot of the preparation that is done before we come to heave bales, and even more work that needs to be done once the building is up, but still, you have immediate gratification when you build a house. This as opposed to cleaning horse stalls (which gives a different kind of satisfaction - that of knowing your animals are well-cared for).

Eric and Satti bought some acres just west of us, bordering right on the National Forest, and they wanted a small place to spend the weekends while they are still working in Tucson. When we arrived this morning, they were just about ready for us to lay up the bales, so we quickly changed into long pants and long sleeves because at the end of the day you are wearing straw. Everywhere.

It is amazing how much gets done in just 4 hours with 6 people working. Dan and Dave laying the bales, Eric and Satti, Barbara and I making partial bales to make the walls come out square. Great progress on Day 1.

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webb said...

OMG! Well, you've got this eastern city girl completely hornswaggled! A straw bale house? I love it, and I bet it's warm and cool, and a perfect retreat. Who knew?