July 1, 2010

Quel morning!

First the episode with the Diamondback, and now Junior! And so much for not interfering with Mom.

We were just about to clean stalls, and there was that little bunny from yesterday again! Same spot. Only now one of us had stepped on him. Probably a human, rather than Buggsy, because it is just torn skin. Nonetheless, taking up residence with a 1000 lb horse, sweet though he may be, is not a sensible thing if you weigh less than a couple of ounces.

We sprayed the wound with hydrogen peroxide, and I held him while trying to decide next steps. I have had house rabbits before, and frankly, I don't want any more. Too much hassle with the dogs. Besides, this is a wild bunny and not one born in captivity. On the other hand, we are responsible for the injury and we can't just let him go now.

So, I got the pet taxi, some hay, a tiny bit of water, and a carrot and beet greens from the garden, installed Junior, and put the whole thing on some of the hay bales. He will be in the shade, and safe, and he can spend his time recuperating and growing some more. Then he is going home.

1 comment:

webb said...

Famous last words! How're you gonna get him to go home when you've fed him? I think you just adopted a pet! Good luck.