July 3, 2010

Strawbale - Day 3

We are done laying all the straw bales on Eric and Satti's house. And there are just a few bales left over. Next the guys, and Satti, put on the bond beams and it will be trusses tomorrow. It threatened rain yesterday, but it looks like we'll be lucky and get the building covered before the end of this holiday weekend.


webb said...

Ok, so you still have me coming back to learn how to do it. Mitchell says that you/they will add adobe and make... an adobe house. Is that the next step?

Anneke said...

Next is putting on trusses, sheething and a metal roof. Then THEY :-) will make adobe mud and plaster at least the outside of the bales. That gets sealed (with linseed oil if they go "natural") so moisture will not get in. Not sure what they decided to do about the inside.

If you are really interested look at the 09/24/09 blog A cool day, and at 12/24/09 blog Christmas Eve to see some of the final result on Dave and Barbara's house.

webb said...

We have friends in an adobe house in Albequerque, but it's not bales underneath. VERY interesting.