February 3, 2010

Wet! Again!

What's with this weather? Where are the mountains? It seems that once we have had a bit of rain, more is to follow. Generally we hope, but scoff, when the forecast gives us a 40% chance of rain, but when there is already moisture in the air from previous storms, rain will happen. We have had more than 0.5" today, and are at almost 4" for the year! Never thought I would say this, but it is great!

Everybody is trying to stay dry and warm, and we are snug and comfy, but the wildlife is all fluffed out and the birds are grounded. The little hummingbird is either sitting on his mesquite branch or he is en route to the feeder. The quail are not to be deterred and scurry under the feeders and I found the roadrunner on the porch trying to stay dry; he was all fluffed out and looking like a vulture. The goldfinches are hitting their feeder hard, and I will just have to keep dispensing seed.

I do feel for the furry creatures too, and we have left our horses in their stalls today, but thankfully there is no wind. The dogs, and especially Emma, are sooo bored: it is tough being curled up on the couch with your dad.

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