January 31, 2010

Stronghold entry

With the wet weather that we have been having this past week (we are at 3.31" for the year!), we decided that doing our usual Sunday morning Stronghold hike was probably not a good idea. I heard that the Stronghold got more than 4" of rain, and that the creek was running. It is a protected and sheltered trail going up, and it would undoubtedly be soupy and slick.

So we opted for my current favorite hike: over Deer Saddle for the spectacular Stronghold entry view, and we took Cindy with us who had not yet been up there to be wowed. We went up the hill just east of Deer Saddle to get the full impact of the magnificent view.

Then walked back down and explored the rim of the wall. I was not surprised to still see puddles, but some of them were deep enough for Emma to cool off in. Down below we could see water running that must have come from the waterfall. The grass is already greening up, and signs of spring are evident if you look close enough.

Even the walk home is beautiful, though it lacks some of the rocky grandeur.

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Gail said...

Beautiful...such clear water from a rain.