February 15, 2010

First class digs

The stall remodel is finished! The drainage rock and the stall mats appear to be working out well in Bueno's and Cody's stalls, so today we added dirt to the back of the stalls and provided better drainage for the water buckets. Although we use automatic waterers, the horses have made it clear that they prefer the bigger buckets, so we relented and reinstalled them.

We built up the soil with sand and drainage rock where it puddles because it is lower there, and in doing so disturbed two spadefoot toads in hibernation. I thought one of the them was dead and was about to bury him when thankfully he showed signs of life so I put him back in a sandy, wet hole. The other toad was more alert, and I was able to get a picture of him.

We planted a self-fruitful pecan tree in the unused triangle between the big roundpen and the stalls. It will need a lot of water and will benefit from having horse buckets emptied in its basin on a regular basis. Hopefully we will see pecans in our life time. We also added new wire to Buggsy's stall to control his cribbing addiction and added a equine scratch pad as a treat. Are these lucky horses or what?

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