February 28, 2010

Well, darn!

I fell off my horse again. Buggsy, this time. On Friday afternoon. Cindy and I have been having a great time riding on the 400 acres behind her house. It has good footing and we were moving along quite nicely when Buggs and I came to a bush where a decision had to be made: do we go right or left? I should have made the decision, because we were not in sync. Buggs went right and I went left.

I tried to grab mane, or his neck, but Buggsy is a pretty fast guy and left me. This is when I hurt myself. I did a face plant, but no damage done there. Meanwhile, Cindy, on Sophie, is in hot pursuit of Buggs, who came to a stop at the end of the fence. He sure looked handsome trotting off ...

I admit I did not feel very well, and I should know by now that if I feel like I am going to pass out, I am hurt. We took the horses back to the road, where Dan came to meet us. (This is one time when cellphones are great). I drove home and Dan rode Buggs back.

Last time I broke my wrist I was in considerable pain, so I thought this might just be a bad sprain, but it was not getting any better so we went to the emergency room this morning. Verdict: a non-displacement fracture, and my wrist in a splint. I am to see the ortho guy this week for a cast (hopefully), because this splint is a bit restrictive. Typing for one is a drag. Besides, there is my life to be lived: horses to ride, and gardening season will be upon us soon.


Gail said...

That encourages me to go riding! I am trying to overcome my fear, and you are reenforcing it! Just kidding.

I am glad it was not worse than that. You are lucky. Take care and hope you are back in the saddle soon.

webb said...

Aargh! Glad it's not worse, but that really can slow you down in the garden. Hope it heals fast. Good luck.

DJ said...

I hope it heals quickly, but until then, milk it for all it's worth and have my brother run and fetch as much as possible! :)

Anneke said...

Thanks you guys, for your good wishes.
It's feeling better already although my doctor's appointment is not until Friday (the healthcare in this country...). I expect to be back in the saddle, and the garden, in a couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, Dan is a bit out of practice :).