February 21, 2010

Pottery class 3

After being cold yesterday, I thought I was better prepared for the weather this morning, but the wind was even colder today. More rain/snow in the forecast for the next couple of days. We are over 4.5" of rain for the year!

It was amazing to see the fire pit this morning. All the wood had been totally consumed, and the metal "saggers" had gotten pretty hot. The good news was that none of the pots blew up, and in the process damaged other ones, but 2 of the larger pots had cracked. This was probably due to us rushing the heat-buildup process because of the snow storm.

Tim and Pam went over crack repair and finishing this morning, but neither Dan nor I felt our pottery were worthy of more work. I wished the weather had not been so good last week so I would have been more motivated to do the homework. Perhaps I will have a go at it tomorrow, if I have to stay inside. There is talk of a follow-up class for trashcan firing, or working with the local clay, and I think that would be fun.

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