February 15, 2010


Cindy has given our "find bones" activity a name: boning. We are even thinking about a logo for t-shirts. Yesterday we went out on horseback bonin'. It is easier to spot treasures from the higher elevation, and we are able to cover a large piece of ground. The drawback is that we cannot take home our finds. At least we are getting smart enough to mark the spots with surveyor tape.

Today we went back on foot to collect the bones with my small daypack and Cindy's large duffel. It was amazing how difficult it was to find our yellow ribbons. All the mesquites look about the same and there is at least 400 acres to cover. But we found the most precious find, the cow skull, and managed to pick up some of the other bones we had marked. I know there are still some out there that we missed.

This is our cache to date. Cindy is planning to make cow skeleton, or some other sculpture, from the bones.


Shannon said...

Just an FYI- for us younger people, "boning" or "to bone" means "to have sexual relations with". And since I sometimes have the maturity of a 4th grader, I found this post hilarious!

Anneke said...

Mmm, and your point? Old people like to have fun sometimes too, you know.