February 17, 2010

Itchy fingers

What a gorgeous day it was today! Clear skies and temperatures almost reaching 70 degrees. This gets my gardening juices flowing, although it is way too early to plant in the garden. My thoughts did turn to working the soil and adding manure, but Dan was on the tractor working up the arena with the disk we bought from a friend. And a great addition this tool is to the WD!

It is even a bit early to start tomatoes and peppers indoors, but in looking at all the flower seeds I bought this year, this is a good time to get them going. Besides, I don't have the room for starting more than 2 flats on the heating pads, so by the time the flower seeds have sprouted and can be put in the cold frame, it will be time to start those summer veggies.

I am amazed at the different type of seeds. There are the tiniest round ones (echinacea), little brushes (bachelor buttons), stamen look alikes (cosmos), little worm-looking ones (calendula). And all those will be gorgeous plants sometime this year. It's magic.

To top off this marvelous day, Dan and I joined Cindy in another bone-finding expedition on the 400 acres next door to her house. We had a splendid time with energized, and sometimes fractious, horses, running around the pasture at speed. We even found a number of new items to add to Cindy's collection.

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