February 6, 2010

Looking for cows

Cindy's husband, Casey, is here for a few days from Vermont. It was the hope that the house would be finished and that they would be moving in this weekend, but this is unfortunately not the case. Casey is not one to sit around however, so he made himself immensely popular by going to Tucson and adding a gate into the cow pasture, with the permission of the cows' owner.

To inaugurate the new access, Cindy invited us to go with her and look for cows. Being allowed back into this pasture opens up all kinds of lovely riding possibilities. The cows are grazing on 400 acres of grassy, flat valley land, with a few washes and some mesquite: good footing, great views, and even some wildlife other than the cows. We saw a javalina today.

It was a great ride. We covered a lot more than 400 acres, ended up at the corner of Cochise Stronghold Road and Ironwood Road, but found no cows until we were almost back to our starting point. They were at their water source, which is not far from Cindy's paddocks. Helena Rubenstar, the mustang mare that Cindy has been feeding like royalty, was waiting for her dinner and met our boys and managed to even kick up her heels.

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Gail said...

A dream day! The country side is beautiful.