February 28, 2010


The forecast said there was 100% chance of precipitation for today. 100%? Come now, I have not seen that here in AZ. I got up last night at midnight and the full moon was out; 100%?, yeah, right. But when we got up the wind was howling, the ground was soft and wet, and there was snow in the mountains. Another 0.3 inches of rain fell, and we will continue to have squalls all day long.

The hummingbird came to feed again this morning; I think we must be his dependable cold-weather food supply. There are a lot of quail in the yard, and the goldfinch feeder is continually occupado. The flower seedlings are undoubtedly shivering in the cold frame. It is above freezing though, and they need the light.

It will be a good day to hole up and spend time on the couch with some mags and books.

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