June 5, 2010

Summer time

OK, so it's hot. About 95 right now, and tomorrow it will be in the low 100's. After all, it is June. It is warm enough that I am running the little sprinkler for the hens in the chicken yard as I saw poor Goldie with her beak agape and wings spread. It has to be tough laying an egg when it's so warm. The young ground squirrels are all over the shady porch, playing like all young mammals, or just hanging out.

We are never late risers, but now we are up before 5 and do whatever we do until lunch time when we each go our separate ways. Dan usually heads for his computer for a movie or a game, and I generally do a little cooking (bread or dinner prep) and then retire to the couch. In previous years I have knit or quilted, but neither are inspiring right now. I think this is the year to be reading.

It has taken me years to sit down and read something for pleasure, something "frivolous" rather than reading to learn. I have read the entire Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters, twice, and have thoroughly enjoyed that. I just finished Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, and enjoyed that too, though it was not fiction. I admit that I am selective with what I read, as I am picky with what I watch. I abhor violence, so that eliminates a bit. And, I would like to be entertained with a good story and some believable characters. So, if you have a suggestion for me, I welcome any comments.


Shannon said...

I read Suite Francaise (pardon the lack of accents...I forget how to make them on the computer) by Irene Nemirovsky last summer and really enjoyed it. It's set in France (starting out in Paris) during the German occupation in WWII. I know you say you don't like violence, but it's predominantly a star-crossed love story (not overly mushy, I promise). There might be a little violence (like people get in a fist fight) but there's not overly gross descriptions of violence or war stuff. It's mainly about the lives of the French civilians during occupation. Originally in French, but English translation available from Vintage International. Really good!

Also on the movie side, I highly recommend Up and Wall-E, if you haven't seen them yet!

Anneke said...

Thanks, Shannon! I will try that one. Being a European babyboomer I was well made aware of war-type violence (in an effort of my parents' generation to never let that happen again), which somehow seems different than the violence of today. I am getting it on the library list.

Seen those movies: fun!

flwrjane said...

Hello, visiting From The Garden Bench.

Have you read any Barbara Kingsolver? I just finished "Lacuna" and I loved it.

Many, many years ago I lived in Jerome,Az. It still seems like a dream to me.

Anneke said...

Ah, another good suggestion. I have not read her fiction, but liked Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Thanks!

Jerome is a lot further north than we are (close to Pearce, also a ghost town) about 60 mls from the Mexican border.

webb said...

I love the squirrel all spread out on the ground trying to keep cool - feel that way myself a lot of days!

Am reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. It's a multi-layered family mystery that is both so interesting that I hate to put it down, and also so good that I do NOT want to get to the end and have to stop reading. Set in Australia and Cornwall, England.

It was a gift and I plan to force the giver to read it, but after that I would send it to you if you want to try it??? Stay cool.

Anneke said...

That sounds great! It's the way I felt about the Elizabeth Peters series. It's on my list.