June 15, 2010

Lunch out

We drove more than 460 miles today to see Phil and Marsha in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and to have lunch with them at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, La Posta in Old Mesilla. When we lived in the PNW and drove out (usually brought a dog) to visit family in Texas over the holidays and took the southern route because of weather, a dinner stop at La Posta was calculated in. It had been about 20 years since Dan was there last. The food is still great, and it was fun to share it with friends.

It is a long drive, but an easy one: down I-10, and ne'er a town in between. There is a lot of empty desert, and views of what I think of as The West: large plains with scrub, a few cattle and craggy mountain ridges. Driving is rather stress free as population is sparse; most of the traffic is long-haul trucking.


webb said...

I love the way you folks in the west will drive five hours for dinner with friends. We have friends in Texas that do that very thing! Such fun.

Of course, here in the crowded east one can drive five hours to go 100 miles, so maybe it's not so weird. At least you got somewhere and had a good time for the investment.

So does that beg the question: red or green?

Anneke said...

I must admit that it still shocks my European sensibilities to do that kind of driving. We almost made it from Amsterdam to Paris, for lunch! My parents never even owned a car (though my dad worked for the airlines, so we did get "out").

Mmm, green, for both of us.