June 8, 2010

Final plaster

This time last year we were helping Dave and Barbara build their strawbale house. They moved in at Thanksgiving and have been taking a break, but they felt it was time to finish the job and apply the final plaster to the outside. We are hosting their work crew (Becky and Joe) because it is too hot to be sleeping in the Bear Cave.

I walked over with the dogs to borrow some bamboo stakes for the bean trellis when Shawna spotted Becky and Joe's little dog and attacked her. Hurt Keisha's foot and incensed us because this was totally unprovoked. Shawna may be spending the rest of her natural life in the laundry room.

Meanwhile, work is progressing. Barbara and Becky are sifting and making the plaster, while Joe and Dave apply it to the walls. We will have everybody over for a picnic-style dinner tonight.

While they are constructing, we are destructing. The ramada over the earth oven needs to be squared up again, and the roof replaced. It is authentic, and nice looking, to have a roof made from old yucca stalks, but it is not very sturdy or longlasting. This time we are going for 2x6's and a lattice roof.

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