June 11, 2010

More wire!

I thought I had done rather well protecting the young fruit trees from various predators. They all had hardware cloth or chicken wire around their bases, and all appeared unmolested. Until I noticed that some rodent, probably a jack rabbit, was nibbling on the bark of one of the apple trees. This is not to be tolerated. More chicken wire, 3' tall this time, was added to the perimeter.

This morning I found little green apples on the walk, and I saw that the chicken wire was caved on onto the tree. OK ..., so we added more fence posts to hold the wire upright and off the tree. Just as a precaution I added the higher chicken wire to the other fruit trees as well. Wonder what's next... Most likely some birds coming to check out ripening fruit.

The garden is growing well in the heat, and I spotted a couple of (still green) tomatoes. The peppers are finally putting on some growth, and there are little cantaloupes. I have been harvesting peas; beans and squash growing well.

So far, the grapes are doing great and the bunches are filling out in their bags. There are additional bunches forming, and we should have a good harvest. That is as long as we can keep the round tail squirrels at bay. Probably not a problem until the grapes start ripening.


webb said...

Such wonderful progress! The grapes look great - are we making wine?

Anneke said...

Nope, just hoping for table grapes: red flame, or thompson