June 21, 2010


I see the most interesting things from my kitchen window. I had just walked up to the sink when I saw the roadrunner next to the porch. And then its young! It flew in front of the parent and did the "I'm helpless, feed me" routine. The adult just walked off and joined its mate in the yard, but perhaps it told the young one "just look on the porch", because there, all sprawled out, flat as a tiny rug, was a young ground squirrel.

I called Dan over to take pictures, and we did our best not to disturb the scene. The outcome?

Apparently he was not that hungry and posed for pictures at length. His wings are droopy and off his body because of the heat.

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webb said...

Awesome!! I am so jealous! On my only trip to New Mexico a roadrunner would come sit on the garden wall outside our hosts' dining room every morning - until I raised my camera. Then he would run off! In a week I never got a single photo of him.