June 22, 2010


A bit overcast this morning, and a good time to update the garden a bit. I harvested the garlic. Probably a bit early, but because both varieties shared the bed with other plants that had to get watered (a combination of bad planning and impulse planting), I decided to pull them up and let them dry in the now defunct asparagus bed. Some of those bulbs are huge!

I also planted more beets, carrots and lettuce. A couple of years ago I found a romaine variety that does well here in the desert. It does not bolt, or at least not like other varieties would. It is called Jericho and was developed in Israel, so it's no wonder it does well here.

I am very encouraged by the cantaloupes: lots of fruit, although I noticed that the quail are already sampling them. The trick is to keep them covered in the leaves. Some of the tomatoes are lightening up ... Out here you never garden alone.

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